This is my first time purchasing with Stubborn Cosmetics. How do I place my order?

Welcome, welcome! 
If you would like to order a custom product, take the Skin Quiz and complete the purchase. At the end of the quiz, based on your answers we will tell you how we plan to design your product and the kind of concerns we will focus on. If you would like to purchase any of our non-custom products, you can click on the “Shop” page in the menu at the top of the Home Page. Simply add the desired products to your cart and check out. For every product you can find a description, directions on how to use it, a full list of ingredients, and reviews from other customers.

I have already purchased a custom product with Stubborn Cosmetics; how do I make a repeat order of the same formulation?

Yay, you are back! When you purchased your previous product, you were given a code that belongs to that specific formulation.

You can reorder the exact same product by going to the shop and selecting “PIN-Reorder Custom Moisturizer”. There you can insert the PIN (Product identity number)

Here’s where you can find the PIN:

-When you received your product, you also received a “product identity card”. The PIN is the number written in bold.

-You can also find the PIN at the bottom of the bottle.

Once you inserted the PIN, add the product to the cart and proceed with the checkout

 My skin changed since my last customized purchase. Can I change my formulation?

It is normal for skin to change over time, not only because of hormones and internal factors, but also because of the environment and other factors to which it is exposed every day.
 So no worries, just take the skin quiz again and we will create a new product for you.

Do you test on animals?

Nope. That does not belong to our philosophy.

How long is the shelf life? Can the products change color?

The moisturizers are best to be used within 6 months from “opening” the airless bottle. Do not open the actual bottle, just press the pumps to dispense the products. 😉 Our products are free of artificial coloring, and we make use of botanical extracts. We also work with very small batches, so small that they would be just considered batch test samples to the big brands. So yes, the products may vary in color over time and from batch to batch, but don’t worry! This doesn’t compromise the efficacy nor safety of the products.

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

We formulate avoiding the most common allergens and irritants; however, every skin reacts differently. We always suggest patch-testing behind the ear and check for adverse reactions for 24-48 hours before using.

How natural are your products? Are they “chemical-free”?

Our products are mostly made with naturally derived ingredients, but we also use some synthetic active ingredients (like peptides and vitamins – yes, vitamins used in cosmetics are usually produced in a lab, and they are nature-identical) that we believe are particularly effective and beneficial to the skin.
 We don’t believe in fear mongering to sell our products, we don’t believe we need to scare you and tell you that our products are “chemical-free” while the other brands are all toxic. We have a strong scientific background, and that would be against our morals. Everything is a chemical, including water, and chemical is not a synonym of toxic. So, our products are designed with naturally derived ingredients and effective synthetic ingredients, and no, they are not chemical-free, or otherwise we would be selling you just air… No wait, even that is made of chemical elements, hehe. 😉

Do your products have fragrance or essential oils? 

No. When our products are scented, we do so by using aromatic plant extracts (phyto-scents).

Are your products vegan?

They are all vegan except the Face Hug. This contains silk amino acids. Our supplier states that the silk thread is isolated from vacant cocoons; however, this may still be not suitable for vegans. 

If needed, we offer the option of buying customized products, where vegan friendly can be specified.

Where can I buy your products?

At the moment we only offer products through this website. We don’t currently have any agreements with resellers; therefore, we cannot guarantee the quality and authenticity of any product sold by a third party.

Where are your products made?

All our products are made in the United States in our small but very efficient lab. This allows us to monitor every stage of production and to work with small batches and with custom formulations.

Do you provide samples?

Non-custom products: Not yet. We will offer samples in the near future for non-custom products. Custom-made products: Because of their nature, unfortunately we are not able to provide samples…sorry!


What is special about your packaging?

We chose to use airless bottles because these do a better job of protecting the product from oxidation and contamination.
We put a lot of effort into sourcing good-quality ingredients and formulating and manufacturing our products, hence we certainly don’t like the idea of pairing them with a packaging that could compromise their quality. This is how our airless bottles work (in case you were wondering): There is a disc that pushes the product towards the pump. A tiny hole at the bottom of the bottle allows air to come in and push the disc upwards (the disc completely seals the product, so that it is not exposed to this air coming in). At the other end, the pump creates a vacuum and pulls the product upwards.

My airless pump doesn’t work; what can I do?

When used for the first time, at times airless pumps need to be “primed.” Sometimes the disc that pushes the product upwards can become stuck. You may need to bang the bottom few times and then press the pump slowly till the product is dispensed. This may require pressing 15-20 times. Once the pump dispenses the product, there is no further need to prime it. Just use it as normal.


How long will it take for my order to ship?

Non-custom orders are processed within 1-2 business days. During peak times and promotions, this time might extend to 3 days. Custom orders will be handcrafted within 3 business days and then dispatched.
 Orders are shipped from New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Why do Custom Products take up to 3 business days before being dispatched?

These are not in-stock items ready to be sent. They are personalized products, and we need some time to formulate, manufacture, and package them.

How long does shipment take?

Non-custom orders are processed within 1-2 business days. During peak times and promotions, this time might extend to 3 days.

Custom orders will be handcrafted within 3 business days and then dispatched. All the domestic orders will take between 2 and 10 days to reach you after dispatch, depending on the shipping method chosen:

USA Standard Shipping Delivery Time: 2-5 business days – 4 USD Priority shipping Delivery Time: 1-3 business days – 7 USD

Holiday/peak season may affect the delivery dates.

INTERNATIONAL (outside USA) Standard Shipping Delivery Time: Between 6-15 days – 16 USD

For some countries, the USPS online tracking page will only show progress while the package is still in the US. Once the package enters the country of delivery, please use your local postal service’s website to track your delivery.

Priority Shipping Delivery Time: 6-10 business days – 33 USD

For international orders, all prices shown online are in USD. Payment will be processed in the most current exchange rate and will appear so on your bank statement.

CANADA Standard Shipping Delivery Time: 5-7 business days – 12 USD Priority shipping Delivery Time: 5-6 business days – 24 USD

For more info check the Shipping and Returns page.

Will I have to pay customs on an international order?

Some countries charge additional customs fees or import duties on merchandise from overseas. Unfortunately, these charges are beyond our control and are the customer’s responsibility. Stubborn Cosmetics is not responsible for customs charges.

What if I haven’t received my order yet, even if it has been shipped and it is past its suggested delivery time?

Please contact us asap at We will need to contact our carriers to understand what happened.

Can I return a product?

Please read our Shipping and Returns policy for detailed information. Please contact us before returning any product. No store credits or refunds will be made for returns that have not been authorized by us.

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